Tire Fitting

A tire changer is a machine used to help tire technicians dismount and mount tires with automobile wheels. After the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the automobile, the tire changer has all the components necessary to remove and replace the tire from the wheel. Different tire changers allow technicians to replace tires on automobiles, motorcycles and heavy-duty trucks. New tire and wheel technology has improved certain tire changers to be able to change a low profile tire or a run-flat tire.

Computerized Wheel Balancing

It is very essential that all the Wheels of a Vehicle are completely balanced otherwise there will be bubbling of wheel and this will affect the stearing control. Similarly, if the wheel alignment of a vehicle is out of order, the rubbing of tyres will be more and free movement of wheels also get affected. This results into rapid wear of tyre treads. To overcome these problems, computerised Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment machines are used. These machines are fully automatic, very accurate, quick and precise in their work

Computerized Wheel Alignment

Tire balance, also referred to as tire unbalance or imbalance, describes the distribution of mass within an automobile tire or the entire wheel to which it is attached. When the wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass may cause it to hop or wobble, which can cause ride disturbances, usually vertical and lateral vibrations. It can also result in a wobbling of the steering wheel or of the entire vehicle. The ride disturbance, due to unbalance, usually increases with speed. Vehicle suspensions can become excited by unbalance forces when the speed of the wheel reaches a point that its rotating frequency equals the suspension's resonant frequency. Tires are inspected in factories and repair shops by two methods: static balancers and dynamic balancers. Tires with high unbalance forces are downgraded or rejected. When tires are fitted to wheels at the point of sale, they are measured again on a balancing machine, and correction weights are applied to counteract the combined effect of the tire and wheel unbalance. After sale, tires may be rebalanced if driver perceives excessive vibration.

Vibration Control

A simple wheel balance will cure most vibrations. But if that doesn't cure the problem--or if it cropped up suddenly within a reasonable time after a wheel balance--your problems may go deeper. Begin by cranking the wheels over to the steering stop and looking at the inside of the rim. It's customary to split the amount of the balance weights between the inside and outside of the rim. If a weight (even an old one) has come off, that could be the problem. The weight should leave a clear outline, so you'll know exactly how much is missing. If the balance weight was added recently, you can take it back to the shop for a replacement.

On Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing, also known as tire balancing, is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tire and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed. Balancing involves putting the wheel/tire assembly on a balancer, which centers the wheel and spins it to determine where the weights should go.

Nitrogen Filling

nitrogen is less likely to migrate through tire rubber than is oxygen, which means that your tire pressures will remain more stable over the long term. Racers figured out pretty quickly that tires filled with nitrogen rather than air also exhibit less pressure change with temperature swings. That means more consistent inflation pressures during a race as the tires heat up. And when you're tweaking a race car's handling with half-psi changes, that's important.

Battery Changing

Automotive batteries don't last forever. If you notice your headlights dimming, or if it's been 3-7 years since you got a new battery, or the car needs a jump-start, it might be time for a change. You can bring your vehicle to an experienced and trusted auto mechanic, or you can get the job done yourself. Changing a battery is a quick and easy job in most cars and vans and can be done with minimal tools.

Air Pressure Checks

Inaccurate pressure can cause poor mileage, uneven tire wear, or a tire blow-out. To prevent these events from happening it is important to maintain proper tire pressure.

Outdoor Mobile Tire Service

Our Mobile Tire Service makes roadside emergencies a breeze with its 24-hour service, and ability to not only repair, but also replace tires.